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Dear Parents of Angels,

You are still a mommy and a daddy and you are parents of a special child. Though not physically here, your angels have kissed the hearts of those surrounding you by your undying love for them.

Babies that died of SIDS, stillbirth, miscarriage and other tragic pregnancy losses all have stories to preserve and are still part of the family unit.

Just a Cloud Away Remembrance Kits allow grieving parents to create new family pictures. The Heaven and Earth page was intended to include living and deceased family members. The “Certificate of Love” page validates a precious life gone too soon. Families can participate in personalizing a deceased baby’s story, which began long before a positive pregnancy test.

October 15th is nationally recognized as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, acknowledging babies that have passed on. Your babies do matter and your grief is real.

I hope the Remembrance Kits provide some comfort in your healing journey. Not for closure, but to memorialize your precious babies in a positive light.

Remembrance Kits
Create Your Babies' Keepsake

Remember Your Loved One
"I want these kits to provide a loving touch and a guiding hand during the healing process.
I hope families will talk and share how their precious angels touched their lives"


Feel free to contact me regarding memory gardens, scrapbooking or your sweet angel baby.
Your child is not alone and neither are you.

Peace Love and Hugs from Above
Founder of Just a Cloud Away, Inc.